Why Retailers Struggle to Connect with Customers via mobile

Retailers find it challenging to connect with customers via their mobile devices.  One obvious issue is most are over complicating campaigns even though customer expectations are fairly low since their needs are immediate.  This article published on Mobile Commerce Daily.com is clear about the challenges of not over complicating the engagement process.

There are many ways to over complicate any campaign.  Plus there are many tools that without careful consideration of the user


Mobile Marketing Institute Will Give You…

Mobile Marketing Institute Will Give You Proven Strategies & Tactics of Mobile Marketing to Acquire Customers With Confidence & Ease.  Achieve unbelievable success through the use of mobile marketing.  The Mobile Marketing Institute is pulling back the curtain on mobile marketing so you can make money without busting your budget.  All the ideas you find here are from successful campaigns that others designed and executed, and can work for you.  These are not examples from Coca


Increase Prospect Calls from Pay-Per-Click by Incorporating Mobile Call-To-Action

Most of us agree as to the marketing importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the use of Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC).  As it relates to SEO, having your business rank on the first page of Google is critical as is supported by this insightful case study.  When it comes to PPC advertising, although costlier, it can be one of the most effective ways to promote your company to a targeted group.

What is not considered and the secret we are sharing, try integrating a text


Mobile Marketing Success Depends on These 3 Factors

Only a small percentage of mobile marketing campaigns succeed.  Most fail for 3 simple reasons to comprehend but need serious brainpower to figure out.  Not addressing these points will negatively impact ALL your marketing communication and will be like trying to hit a tee shot with your eyes closed.

1.  NOT SURE WHO!  The campaign was ambiguous as to the target market.  Don’t worry, you are not alone.  I will move further out on the limb and say most companies are not able to


Why not mobile, yet?

The press have forecast each and every year for the past 7 years that this is the year of mobile, and industry insiders have all hoped each year the journalists were right only to find another year of  steady growth but far from a flood. In answering hundreds of inbound sales calls, these were the key factors business owners mentioned why they have not yet integrated mobile marketing.  Do not let these points guide your response.  Our readers are interested in your thoughts and


Increase Return on Pay-Per-Click Ads by Including Text Messaging

Tactic:  Incorporate a text message call-to-action within keyword phrase description

 Industry Where Applied:  Online retail sales and service.  Content was available to distribute or immediate contact with the sales/service staff is an advantage.


Offer prospects another communication channel, ideally the one they prefer

Differentiate from competitive descriptions

Increase return on PPC investment



Mobile Learning Enhanced

We are all familiar, and likely from personal experience, with the statistics that people forget a significant percentage of what they have learned  even within the first 24 hours after their course.  As a trainer, you now have a couple great options to reach, deliver and reinforce your material.

1.  Text messaging can complement any training session.  Following any course, online or live, schedule a series of text messages to reinforce the content for the first week or even


Increase Book Sales With Text Tips

Tactic: Small business tip delivered daily via text message

Industry Where Applied: Publishing

Goal: Maintain a direct and frequent connection with readers by providing them content of value every day.

Application: Business owners want answers immediately when they have a problem.  If it can be delivered in the communication channel they prefer, even better.  Young entrepreneurs in particular prefer text messaging as a way to communicate and